Currency exchange rate today: pound is not moving, euro is asleep

Currency exchange rates today stand still

In brief: Currency exchange rate today: the euro stops in front of new challenges. Pound exchange rate is stable.

Currency exchange rate is at flat today. Exchange rate euro fell slightly against the dollar. Euro / pound spent the first half today in a very narrow range, and while the execution stops above stg0.8345 violated the sluggish progress of tenders, jerk above proved to be short-lived, confirming the continuing healthy interest in trying to sell growth.

Recent attempts bulls go on the offensive against the demand for a couple of British accounts of sales and pound against the dollar is a major Swiss also proved unsuccessful, and now the euro once again moving lower. It currently holds close to stg0.8340, and dealers are advised to remember the bulls feet, located behind bidami in stg0.8330/20. This support served as a reliable base for the single European currency in recent times, and its loss, they say, threatens to become a catalyst for increased incidence initial pair of stg0.8300 and stg0.8280, and potentially to stg0.8200.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-28 12:35, Currency news.

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