The US suffers of nature’s tricks

There have already been 17 victims of snow storm in the USA

In brief: Wet snow along with rain covers most of the US territory

Intensive snow storm, strong wind and frost have caused a wide range of car accidents on the US roads. Public services fail to clear the sidewalks and roads. Wet snow along with rain covers most of the US territory. The number of victims has already reached 17 persons.

It is abnormal weather for such states as New Mexico, Missuri, Minnesota, Arizona and Texas. Most drivers have not been ready to meet such bad weather. Thus there are a lof of traffic jams because of numerous car accidents.

Snow depth has reached 1 meter while wind speed is up to 80 km/h. In order to avoid more victims the authorities of several regions have closed schools and other establishments.

Natural disasters… Maybe it is a punishment from above…

Maria Velikanova
2009-12-10 16:10, Society.

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