Currency exchange rates today: euro has slapped U.S. dollar

Currency exchange rates today: the euro continues to push the dollar

In brief: Currency exchange rates today - Sumitomo Mitsui believes in the prospects for the euro rising to a record high against the weakening dollar.

The Currency exchange rates are dominated by the euro today. The exchange rate the dollar is falling against the backdrop of growing confidence in the single European currency. The euro continues to rise, punching a three-month highs at around 1,315 dollars. At the same time, analysts believe the rise of the euro exchange rate short-term and do not have a chance of a long period of time.

There is another point of view. According to currency analysts, Sumitomo Mitsui, in the case of a break above 1.31 in the short term, the euro / dollar may rise to 1.46 – the maximum in December. The level of 1.31 is on the downtrend line, which connects a maximum of 1.3818 on March 17 and a maximum of 12 April 1.3692. The apparent breakthrough this key level would be a signal to buy a pair, which will trigger growth in the euro / dollar to the V – shaped uptrend.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-31 14:25, Currency news.

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