The pound exchange rate grows, the dollar goes to the bottom today

The pound exchange rate started to grow

In brief: Dollar exchange rate continues to fall against the background of a general positive for the British pound.

The dollar exchange rate pound presses. Pound / dollar again demonstrates the positive trend, rising to $ 1.5640 area, which may result in re-testing of previously installed a high of $ 1.5655.

Ofer located in the area of 1.5655/63, the boundaries of which are recent highs, more in the 1.5665/70 area and a stronger interest 1.5680/90. Meanwhile, the situation for the euro / pound is composed entirely opposite: a pair of renewed downward movement, breaking the minimum stg0.8327. Current exchange rate GBP / USD 1.5646.

Igor Tringlers
2010-08-01 18:21, Currency news.

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