Swine flu in Ukraine: milliards earned on panic

There is a wave crest of great gains over the wave of great demand

In brief: Everybody from tax officers to the governors and heads of pharmaceutical companies can be satisfied with the proof of financial instability of the flu

Nowadays the swine flu can brag not only of the grieved official statistics but also the economic achievements. The illness can also be named as ‘money flu’ or ‘dollar plague’. The pharmaceutical companies have earned about 1 milliard USD over profits on the world’s flu panic. For example the profits of Roche company from selling Tami Flu which is considered to be the most effective drug against flu have grown up to 1 milliard USD since the appearing of A/H1N1 virus in April, 2009.

Roche is not the only company that has taken advantage of favourable market conditions but also pharmaceutical companies and systems. The sales of filters’ details have also suddenly increased.
The government of Ukraine has decided to get profits on both the humanitarian aid delivery and the blackmail of pharmaceutical systems after it failed preparation for the flu pandemic. And it doesn’t depend on how many people would die because of previous government’s inactivity while the financial profits of “the struggle against swine flu” have already occurred to the private pockets of statesmen and drug producers.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-10 13:24, Society.

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