The DJIA today: some chips up and some chips down…

The Dow Jones Industrial Average starts to grow on a background of good reporting

In brief: The Dow Jones Industrial Average is in the green zone at the beginning of the U.S. stock market trading today.

Dow index goes into the green zone after yesterday’s failures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was at around 10,640.24 points, gaining +3.86 or 0.04%. Bulls start to attack from the first minutes of trading.

Prior to the session has not been published important macroeconomic statistics and quarterly reporting of companies whose shares are included in the top 30. Nevertheless, published more than positive information on the mortgage market from the Mortgage Bankers Association of the United States and learned that Raymond James analysts rating the shares set Caterpillar at “above market”.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-08-04 13:40, Economics.

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