The Dow Jones Industrial Average may go into the red on a background of poor statistics

The DJIA can change the color

In brief: The DJIA is still in the green zone, but the threat posed by poor statistics today.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 10,676.34 points at the moment. The DJIA gained nearly 40 points – namely, +39.96 (0.38%) since the opening of today’s trading.

At the same time, consumer confidence index in the U.S., calculated by ABC News, declined for the week ended Aug. 1, up to -50 points from -48 points a week earlier. The index ranges from -100 to +100. The index of consumer confidence ABC News is calculated based on a survey of about 1.000 respondents and is considered a barometer of consumer spending, which accounts for two thirds of the U.S. economy. The degree of error is ± 3%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-08-04 18:38, Economics.

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