Currency exchange rates today: Euro expansion and dollar crisis

Currency exchange rates today: Euro climbs above

In brief: Currency exchange rates today - Euro continues to gain points from the instability of the dollar exchange rate.

Currency exchange rates are euro oriented today. CFTC recent report showed that the trend observed since early June, was preserved, and speculative accounts continued rebalansirovat its exposure to the euro, resulting in a net short position in futures in the single European currency reached the lowest level since December last year and as of August 3 totaled 7,297 contracts after 21,339 contracts a week earlier.

Meanwhile, the balance of speculative positions in the Japanese yen also reached levels not seen since December 2009, up from 29,921 contracts to 47,998. As for the British currency, there is a net short back to the levels of late July 2008 and amounted to only 205 contracts after the 17,940 recorded twenty-seventh of July and 26,767 marked the 20th July. Net Long speculators in the Australian dollar reached a third August 48 715 40 533 contracts after the previous week, a Canadian, he has grown from 23,868 to 34,182 contracts.

Igor Tringlers
2010-08-09 10:32, Currency news.

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