ARM Holdings plc (LON: ARM) seeks above, Aviva plc (LON: AV) decreases, Transurban captures profit

ARM Holdings plc (LON: ARM) aims higher as Aviva plc goes down

In brief: ARM Holdings plc (LON: ARM) has continued to recruit, point by point, while Aviva plc (LON: AV) is reduced in price. Transurban Group returned to profit for the year.

ARM Holdings plc (LON: ARM) is gaining in price in the middle of the trading session. ARM Holdings plc is 307.70, gaining 0.62%. Aviva plc (LON: AV) stopped at 366.50 points, losing -1.27%.

By the same time, Australia’s largest toll road operator Transurban Group returned to profit for the year to end June 30 by increasing revenue and reducing costs. Thus, the net profit for the period amounted to A $ 59,6 million ($ 53,300,000), compared with a loss at the level of A $ 16,1 million recorded a year earlier.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-08-12 11:21, Economics.

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