Cairn Energy PLC (LON: CNE) climbs, Centrica PLC (LON: CNA) falls as the Goodman Group records loss

Goodman Group annual loss fell to $ 505 million

In brief: Cairn Energy PLC (LON: CNE) finds a foothold and grow in price. Centrica PLC (LON: CNA) shares remain in the red zone. Goodman Group receives regular losses.

Cairn Energy PLC (LON: CNE) shares rising up 480.50 points, gaining +0.80 (0.17%). Centrica PLC (LON: CNA) is reduced to 324.90 points, losing -2.90 (-0.88%) in the first half of the trading session.

Australian real estate investment trust Goodman Group recorded the reduction in net loss for the year ending June 30 from A $ 1,12 млрд the previous year to A $ 562,3 million ($ 505 million) due to lower write-downs on assets. At the same time, Goodman Group shares are in demand because of undervaluation.

Anna Krostenski
2010-08-19 11:37, Economics.

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