Putin criticizes US missile shield plans

According to Russian Prime Minister, those plans prevent two countries from signing new nuclear treaty

In brief: Putin says that the US defense plans will bring imbalance in military power.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin criticized the US for their plans to build an anti-missile shield, saying this is the only thing stopping two countries from signing new nuclear treaty. According to Mr. Putin, such shield will bring imbalance of power and so Russia will have no other choice but to construct new offensive weapons.

New nuclear treaty is said to replace Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I), which was signed in 1991 and expires by the end of this year. Though Russian Prime Minister’s comment shows the unease country feels about the US defense plans, possibly considering them as a threat.

Both sides say that they are close to reaching a compromise in nuclear treaty question, but the agreement still hasn’t been signed. According to the conditions of nuclear treaty, each country will have to cut the number of their nuclear warheads by 1,700 during the next seven years.

Olga Bespalova
2009-12-29 12:52, Society.

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