Vaccines against swine flu for poor and reach Europeans

The scandal of finding out the difference between vaccine deliveries for “people” and for “officials” is going on in the EU

In brief: Vaccines for people contain mercury and aluminum while those for VIPs are free of them. Besides there are many other suspected differences…

The specialists consider that vaccination against H1N1 flu produced for Europe in USA is safe and effective. Otherwise the EU press has found the argument to make a scandal on it. It is that vaccines being delivered to the Europe are divided on two types: for VIPs and ordinary people.

The officials of the EU get vaccines especially produced in limited edition and don’t contain mercury and aluminum. Ordinary people who are not relatives to Merkel or Sarcosi are provided by the set of mercury-aluminum mixture. It is French Nouvel Obs that has found out two types of vaccine. The journalists have proved the deliveries of two different consignments of vaccines: 50 000 doses for VIPs and 94 million ones for ordinary Jaques. The information has interested the other pressmen as well. Spiegel has found out that IVAX Corp vaccines contain nano-elements of unknown function discovered by three independent laboratories.
For information: IVAX owns a umber of pharmaceutical trademarks. Since 2006 Teva (Israel) has been its chief company and the largest producer of drugs in the world as a result. Bit the company has been under examination concerned antimonopoly legislation and concealed financial schemes.
So IVAX delivers its production not only to the EU countries. Now it is planned to send its vaccines to Ukraine as a humanitarian aid.
In order to clear up the situation about admixtures in domestic vaccines we have contacted the “Immunopreparat FGUP”. The specialists of the company has explained that the vaccine contain neither mercury nor aluminum and satisfies the requirements of Russian pharmaceutical standards. It also doesn’t contain nano-elements of unknown function.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-10 17:27, Society.

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