US soldier killed by Afghan

His reason is currently unknown

In brief: During one of the daily operations, Afghan soldier opened fire on NATO troops.

The US soldier has been killed and two Italian soldiers have been wounded during the conflict on the Afghanistan military base. The Afghan soldier, who is said to open the fire on them, is also wounded by the returned fire of the NATO troops and is currently at the hospital.

The details of the incident are currently unknown, though there is a presumption that the attacker has mental health problems. It is also unknown whether this attack was intentional or it was a friendly fire case. Isaf continues the investigation of the shooting along with the Afghan partners.

This attack, happening during one of the daily supply operations, is not the first of such kind. The other incidents took the lives of four American soldiers earlier this year.

Olga Bespalova
2009-12-30 09:45, Society.

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