Bloomberg is elected to continue his career on the position of the mayor

The richest New Yorker is the mayor of New York the third time

In brief: Bloomberg firstly in the history of New York was elected as an independent candidate.

The billionaire Michael Bloomberg considered the richest citizen of New York gave the oath of the mayor of the business capital of the USA the third time. According to his speech Bloomberg is happy to serve the New York citizens more.

The politician ran to the elections as an independent candidate after leaving the Republican Party. And it is firstly in the history of New York when the independent candidate has been elected. Bloomberg’s political program includes first of all the support of immigration reform because he considers that New York has gained its popularity just due to emigrants from different countries.

Michael Bloomberg began his career in the investment bank Solomon Brothers. Later he based the informational and financial group. Now according to Forbes’ statistics Bloomberg owns more than $16 billion and is considered to be the richest citizen of New York. However he has limited his salary on the position of the mayor to the $1 per year. Bloomberg financed his political program exceptionally from private funds.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-02 19:56, Society.

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