DJIA slides as NASDAQ Composite Index decreases sharply

The Dow Jones Industrial hopes for positive statistics

In brief: The Dow Jones Industrial Average remained in the red zone as a result of Monday's trading. World stock markets continue to catch a bearish trend.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is having hard times. The American stock market hasn’t witnessed a bullish trend for a long time. Clouds are gradually gathering over the stock markets. Today’s trading is expected to be volatile once again.

The last trading session in the U.S. convincingly showed bidders’ mood – the auctions have opened with a gap up for revitalization of M & A market, but later on, in the absence of meaningful statistics and important corporate events, closed in the “red zone”: DJIA lost 0,38%, S & P 500 – 0,4% , NASDAQ Composite – 0,92%. The moods weighing over investors are easy to understand. Even the Federal Reserve isn’t confident of sustainable recovery of the U.S. economy, to say nothing of an obvious slowdown in GDP growth in China and Japan. Bulls can hardly find arguments for growth, due to possible unpleasant surprises from the EU markets.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-08-24 13:15, Economics.

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