World food consumption in calories per day: the map

Who eats the most in the world?

In brief: The most full and the emptiest groaning boards of the world are presented on the map below. We can see that they eat the most in the USA, Europe and Israel. The rest of people are more discreet concerning food.

People from different countries eat different meals of various formulations. Before censuring gluttonous Northern people it should be necessary to notice that tropical and subtropical conditions expect from human energy consumptions quite different from those in Siberia. But the most gluttonous people live in the USA. Maybe it’s necessary to them in order to support the domination in the world.

Calories per day, on the world map, according to Reuters data:

calories per day in the world chart, according to Reuters data

Daily calorie intake per adult head in the world is shown on this map.
We can see that the most gluttons live in the USA and Europe. They have big bellies. The same situation is in Israel. Its cuisine traditionally includes a lot of grease and sugar. The South Americans are usually more discreet. They eat a little in South-East Asia and Africa. It is not only because children starve there. The matter is that it’s impossible to eat a full plate of borsch and potatoes with cutlets then in the tropical conditions because the consumption of calories is lower due to the lack of necessity to warm yourself.

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2009-11-11 10:22, Society.

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