Beautiful life cannot be forbidden… especially in France

French living standard is recognized the highest one

In brief: International Living’s rate of countries’ living standards.

It is nice to live. And best of all is to live in France. At least this is the conclusion of the last research of the International Living magazine specialized on presenting to the Europeans the rate of the best countries for living. The worst countries for living are Sudan, Yemen and Somali.

According to the data of the International Living in 2009 France has been ahead by following factors such as living standard, price of commodities and services, ecology and safety. Besides France have the best resorts in Alps and use the best system of health protection in Europe. Also the prices of alcohol are in the list of standards of International Living. And even the poorest French is able to enjoy the best wine by available price.

In the rate of living standards France is followed by Australia, Swiss, Germany and New Zealand. Those who prefer everything English can be a bit disappointed by Great Britain’s only 25-th position in the rate. Experts consider that Englishmen work too much and consequently are not able to appreciate weekends.

Ukraine is holding the honorouble for it 68-th place of living standard. But it is supposed that the International Living experts have not assessed this country really deservedly. Here we can find the worst roads in Europe, the living wage higher of minimal salary, the enormous budget deficit, the total unemployment etc. Notice that the poorest Ukrainians have never seen anything beyond their places of living.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-08 11:17, Society.

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