Forbes’ TOP-10 most advantageous and disadvantageous professions in the USA

The best professions in the USA for 2010

In brief: Forbes has presented the list of the most advantageous and disadvantageous professions in the USA for this year.

Forbes magazine has defined the TOP-10 the most advantageous and disadvantageous professions for the Americans in 2010. This forecast has been formed by using researches of the recruitment site Career Cast. The authors based on wishing salary, labour market demand, the comfort of working place and level of stress.

On the top of the list is actuary, the specialist occupied with counting damages and compensations for the insurance and social companies. It is very actually during crisis time. Such specialist is guaranteed to have more than $85 000 per year with minimal stress.


The same salary is guaranteed also for the software engineer, including high perspective of employment. It is undoubtedly the second position.


The third place is occupied by the analyst of computer systems with the average salary of $76 000 per year and good possibility of employment. The same status on the US labour market can be received by biologists, accountants, statisticians, dentist’s assistants, lawyer’s assistants and historians.


The most poverty-stricken worker in the USA is taxi driver who can expect for only $22000 per year. It is even less than salary of garbage collector ($31000 per year). Among the most disadvantageous professions are also builders, welders, loggers, steelworkers, handymen and even farmers who produce dairy products.

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2010-01-10 16:36, Society.

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