The USA is planning to attack Iran

The Pentagon is ready to direct forces to the East

In brief: General Petraeus has opened the US military plans.

Barack Obama does not justify his Nobel award: the US is on the way to attack Iran. This information has come from David Petraeus the Commander of the US army in the Middle East and Central Asia. He has told that the US military forces created a new plan in case of possible nuclear attacks from Iran.

But as it is already known the US prevention measure is to attack. However general Petraeus ensures that this new military plan is necessary just for the defense strategy and generally Washington is to solve Tehran’s problem diplomatically.

Most of all the new reason to attack the next Oriental country should be expected from the White House. Maybe it was too early to award Barack Obama for the most peaceful politics…

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-01-11 15:07, Society.

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2 comments к “The USA is planning to attack Iran”

  1. sovereignty Says:

    does the word (SOVEREIGNTY) mean NOTHING anymore ? Iran is a SOVEREIGN nation,and as such,has the RIGHT to conduct its personal buisness as IT sees fit ! we dont have to like everything they say or do ,but we DO have to RESPECT their RIGHT to make there own choices ! a PRE- EMPTIVE STRIKE, is INSANE ! that would be like my neighbor buying a gun,and because I think that at some time in the future,my neighbor might use that gun on ME,and so I kill him first,EVEN THOUGH he hasnt even threatend me or my property ! THE U.S. IS A GREADY,POWER HUNGRY COUNTRY,AND IS ALSO THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT NOT ONLY SHOWED THE DESIRE FOR NUCLAR WEAPONS,BUT ACTUALLY USED THEM TO DESTROY INNOCENT MEN ,WOMEN,AND CHILDREN ! IT WAS OK WHEN WE DID IT ,BUT FOR ANYONE ELSE ITS A WAR CRIME ! im really sorry to be a U.S. citizen,for what we are about to do to the world,and when we are conquorded,I hope it is swift,and that the conquorers show us the respect , and mercy,that WE ourselves ,HAVE NOT been giveing to other countries. ANSWER ME BACK AT: [email protected] THANK YOU.

  2. leo Says:

    The only issue you forgot to mention is that Iran HAS threatened to anhilate Israel and the western countries… screw them, they get what they’re asking for

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