Earthquake in Haiti

Strong earthquake in Haiti

In brief: Destroying earthquake has occurred in Haiti. Port-au-Prince has suffered a lot: disorder in town and thousands of victims.

The strongest in last 2 centuries earthquake has occurred in Haiti. The most part of its capital Port-au-Prince is destroyed. The squad shocks estimated the US seismic service in seven balls. Most of buildings are entirely destroyed and the town is in fire.

The epicentre of the earthquake has been just 18 km far from Port-au-Prince. The squad shock has been continuing during all the night. The number of victims is not detected yet. Any connection in town is not working and the rescue services are disorganized. The establishment of the UN authorities is entirely destroyed by the fire as well as the President’s palace. There is even no information if the President is dead or alive.

Haiti is considered to be the poorest country of Western hemisphere. Therefore the Haiti’s ambassador in the USA has called the world to help Haiti in such disaster.

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2010-01-13 10:25, Society.

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