Haiti suffers the results of the earthquake

World countries help Haiti with financial and medical aid

In brief: Haiti is in chaos because of the disastrous earthquake.

Disastrous earthquake shook Haiti this Tuesday, leaving its capital Port-au-Prince seriously wrecked. Houses, schools and hospitals are ruined along with the President’s Palace and his residence. The number of dead is feared to be over tens of thousands of people, the number of injured is currently impossible to count.

U.N.O. headquarters in Port-au-Prince is also seriously damaged and approximately 16 members of the U.N.O. mission are said to be killed in earthquake. The spokesman of Haitian Red Cross said that the organization is overloaded with injured people and requires more medicine to treat them.

World countries are currently providing Haiti with financial support, medicine, provision, rescue teams and first-aid brigades.

Olga Bespalova
2010-01-14 08:35, Society.

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