Russia suspects NATO in armament of Poland against Russia

NATO has changed its missile positions in Poland

In brief: NATO has changed the conditions of treaty with Poland concluded on November, 27, 2009, planning to locate its missile system 60 km far from Russia’s border.

The Minister of foreign affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has asked NATO authorities to explain the location of air defence missile system Patriot in Polish town of Morag. The town is situated 60 km far from Russian border. Before it was planned to locate such missiles near Warsaw. Russia’s Ministry of foreign affairs is now analyzing this fact.

Sergey Lavrov has shown his perplexity about Poland’s intentions to make Russia believe in Poland’s consolidation against Russia. In response Polish Ministry of defense has explained the location of missiles just near Morag by the convenient conditions for the US soldiers living. Poland’s authorities try to ensure that there are no strategic aims.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-22 19:31, Society.

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  1. Stanislav Says:

    Nothing new… Nothing changed since 1962 crisis for Russians.

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