The Pope is going to preach through the Internet

Religion must come along with the development of new technologies

In brief: The Pope tries to make the Word of God be available through the Internet.

The Pope Benedict XVI has called the priests to bring the Word of God through the Internet, active use of the World Wide Web and the participation in social networks of communication. The Pope’s message dedicated to the World day of social communications tells about the opening of the “new era” of the gospelization of virtual space.

The massage says that the development of new technologies has the large potential for the humankind. The clergymen are now on the threshold of the new history where they have to bring inspiration to the society which is drifting through the digital space of communication. Therefore this limit has to be open to the Word of God. Benedict XVI considers that only by existing in hyperspace the Word of God can approve its right to exist in any epoch.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-24 17:18, Society.

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