Police arrested 300 suspects in Nigeria conflicts

Some of them were already involved in similar attacks in 2008

In brief: 300 people were detained after the recent religious conflicts in Nigeria.

Violent clashes in Nigeria flaring on January, 17, took lives of over 550 people and caused panic among the population. These clashes started in Jos as the result of the heated religious argument between Muslim and Christian communities and then extended to suburbs of the city and other regions.

Police currently detained 300 supposed participants of these violent conflicts. All of them are currently held imprisoned in the federal capital of the country, Abuja, and are going to be questioned by police about these incidents. It causes concern though that some of the arrested people were already involved in similar attacks in 2008 but weren’t considered criminally responsible then.

Olga Bespalova
2010-01-26 10:26, Society.

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