The missionaries in Haiti are to stand trial for child trafficking

Haiti authorities struggle against illegal affiliation

In brief: On January, 31, ten citizens of the US were arrested while trying to bring out of Haiti 33 children.

The Idaho missionaries arrested in Haiti while crossing the border with the group of children are to stand trial in Port-au-Prince. They are convicted in illegal affiliation. Also they are going to be charged in trafficking in minors for trying to bring children through the border without any documents and permissions of government.

Remind that on January, 31, ten citizens of the US were arrested while trying to bring out of Haiti 33 children of age from 2 months to 12 years old. The suspected say that they are members of the “New Life” charitable foundation and have the permission to send children to the shelter in Dominican Republic. But the authorities consider they’ve tried to bring out the children illegally covered by total chaos of the earthquake.

The Prime Minister of Haiti has said that illegal child trafficking is now the main problem in the republic after the earthquake. The control is set in order not to let children leave the country without corresponding documents. According to the law adopted no child can be brought out of the country without government’s permission. Totally there are at least 1000 children who have lost their parents after the earthquake. The authorities worry that under affiliation the trafficking in human organs can be covered.

Maria Velikanova
2010-02-03 18:04, Society.

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2 comments к “The missionaries in Haiti are to stand trial for child trafficking”

  1. Concerned Citizen Says:

    All of the people involved in this need to be brought to justice. Child trafficking is sickening. What else is sickening is when they use the cover of being “God-fearing” individuals to show how “moral” they are in an attempt to avoid punishment. I’m just glad the children are safe.

    On my name I have a link to a YouTube news report about the incident. Click it and you’ll get a good perspective of this whole thing.

  2. Ponder Says:

    Two possibilities: Either 1.these actually are a bunch of well-intentioned, harmless but irresponsible and dimwitted genuine missionaries trying to do what they are claiming and for some reason ignored the warnings to not try to transport Haitian kids out of the country without the paperwork; or 2.they are part of a C.I.A. child trafficking ring that supplies kids to wealthy pedophiles for money and as blackmail leverage (think politicians.)

    The second possibility cannot be dismissed out of hand especially if one considers the company DynCorp which was in the 1990s proven to be involved in trafficking of sex slaves in Bosnia yet still gets awarded U.S. government contracts including as recently as last year. It’s a nasty subject nobody likes to talk about but it isn’t going away. Google the name Johnny Gosch to start your horrid journey down this rabbit hole.

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