Forbes’ most expensive pharmaceuticals

To be sick costs quite a lot

In brief: The most expensive medicines cost hundreds of thousands USD per year.

The Forbes has explored that annual course of curing by some rare pharmaceuticals costs hundreds of thousands USD. Thus the popular rating magazine has published the TOP list of the most expensive pharmaceuticals which cost more than $200 000 per year.

The first position in this rating holds “Soliris” made by Alexion Pharmaceutical. The annual course of curing costs 409 000 USD. This drug helps those who suffer of the unique disorder of immune system: losing red blood cells while sleeping (paroxysymal nocturnal hemoglobinuria). There are 8 000 persons in the USA who have this sickness. Soliris appeared on market two years ago and last year its sales were almost 300 million USD.

There are only 500 persons in the USA who suffers of genetic illness called Hunter’s syndrome. The second level of expensiveness belongs to the medicine necessary in such cases “Elaprase” produced by Shire Pharmaceuticals that costs $375 000 per year.

The third most expensive medicine in the USA is “Naglazyme” by BioMarin Pharmaceuticals. It helps in case of rare disorder of metabolic processes and costs $365 000 per year.

Maria Velikanova
2010-02-23 16:41, Society.

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