Turkish officers’ case: three persons are justified

Case of military coup in Turkey: 20 oersons are in jail

In brief: Three retired officers of Turkish military forces are released.

Yesterday on February, 25, high Criminal Court of Istanbul ordered the release of three retired officers of Turkish military forces. This decision has defused tensions between Turkish Government and General Staff.

In result the ex-chief of Air forces General I. Fyrtyna, commander of the Navy Admiral O. Ornek and deputy chief of General Staff General E. Saygun were justified. Thus now 20 officers including two Admirals of Turkish Navy are imprisoned by the court sentence.

Remind that this week police arrested about 50 retired and acting officers of Turkish military forces on suspicion of involvement to the plan of military coup in order to destabilize situation in the country and overthrow Erdogan’s government.

Maria Velikanova
2010-02-26 12:10, Society.

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