A/H1N1 virus has more threat to the fat people

The new information about swine flu

In brief: Swine flu in Ukraine: truth and fictions

The culture of A/H1N1 virus is not as dangerous as it is talked about. But there are some categories of people exposed to this virus more than others. The director of one of the hospitals Andrei Palchevsky organized the press-conference to discuss this problem.

He has said particularly that scientists all over the world are now working over the nature of human’s genetic predisposition to the virus of swine flu.
Due to the information about situation in Kiev we can establish that the first victims of this virus are not children and pregnant women but people with excess weight. Excess weight is the basic reason of the sickness in 70% of all accidents.
But it is not to consider the full security of thin and slim people.
This flu is really not so horrible as it is considered to be but anyway the struggle against it should be organized in all spheres including informational one. The facemask serves not to protect yourself but for not infecting others.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-13 13:47, Society.

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  1. Hope Patrick Says:

    I have been keeping up with the flu in the Ukraine for the last 2 weeks. It seems to be spreading faster there than everywhere else. I’ve read that the damage to the lungs is caused by a cytokine storm, and the healthier you are, the harder it hits you. Also it helps to take Vitamin D. The flu is worse in the winter time because people are not as exposed to sunshine. Your body produces Vitamin D when you are exposed to sunshine, but you can also take a vitamin pill. We have had swine flu in the United States, but it has not been so bad. We have not had to close schools or stop public meetings because of it. The hospitals have been more crowded than usual. Please keep posting and letting us know what is going on there. Thank you so much.

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