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Bad news from Britain threaten Dow Jones Industrial Average

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Dow Jones Industrial began trading on the U.S. stock market in the green zone. The level of support for the Dow Jones Industrial grows from the side. Dow index was 10,462.58 points and rose +20.17 (0.19%) at one time. Analysts were convinced that the Dow index fell in early trading due to bad data from the UK: the British Treasury believes that the growth of the British economy in 2010-2011. will be slower than predicted Labour government, who resigned in May.


The future of euro is in doubt because of the refusal of Britain

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

British Finance Minister Alistair Darling said on Sunday, that the kingdom can not and will not support the bailout funds the EU, designed to support the weak euro-zone economy. “For me it is very, very clear that if an invitation to create an emergency fund of euros, that is a matter of the euro area. What we do not do, and that we can not afford to do – so this is to support the euro … the responsibility for keeping euro lies with countries handling a common currency “, – says Darling.