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Dow Jones Industrial falls deeply at the early trading

Monday, June 28th, 2010

China and Europe had forced Dow Jones Industrial for further declining. Dow Jones Industrial Average was 10,123.40 points. The level of incidence Dow index has exceeded -20.41 (-0.20%). Analysts say trading on the major U.S. markets will open with a slight increase in stock indexes. Futures on the Dow traded with an increase of 0,06%, S & P 500 – on 0,12%, Nasdaq – on 0,16%.


Dow Jones Industrial falls into the abyss of new problems

Monday, June 7th, 2010

New challenges of the local level in the U.S. forced Dow Jones Industrial Average go down lower and lower. Dow Jones Industrial started the day on stock trades in the U.S. with an excellent trend. Growth Dow Jones index reached 0.43% in the first few minutes, but after half an hour bears took control of the market. The reason for this was bad news from Europe.