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Dow Jones Industrial and Nasdaq are pretending green, avoiding the collapse today

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Customers provide substantial assistance to U.S. Stock Market and the Dow Jones Industrial Average in early trading. Bidding for major U.S. markets start with a small increase of the stock indices. Dow Jones Industrial index opened in positive territory at 0.24% on a mark of 10,167.84 points, S & P 500 rose by 0.23% to 1,079.24 points, Nasdaq Composite Index added 0.18% to 2,227.44 points.


Dow Jones Industrial Average loses last chance for growth

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Dow Jones Industrial Average could not equalize the situation in the market because of poor economic statistics. 10 minutes ago Dow Jones fell below 10.120 points. After a sharp fall in the index rose to a mark of 10.140 points. On Friday, June 11, the stock market is the United States by mid trading session demonstrates the volatile dynamics on the background of multidirectional release of macroeconomic statistics.


Dow Jones Industrial Average: Bulls met bears in mortal combat

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

U.S. stock markets futures opened lower. In early trading shares became cheaper oil service companies, Hewlett-Packard and AIG. The negative impact on the market, in particular, provide data on the slowdown of industrial activity in China last month. Then the Dow Jones Industrial Average was able to stabilize a small increase. Dow Jones helped the Bulls reach the level of 10,154.47 points. Growth of Dow index up to the first half of trading amounted to +17.84 (0.18%).


Dow Jones Industrial Average is falling into the abyss of European crisis

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Dow Jones Industrial decreasing by a record -72.17 points (-0.71%). Now Dow Jones is at the mark 10,064.46 points. The main pressure on the index of blue chips provoke terrible economic data of European statistics. In addition, poor statistics come from the U.S.:


Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard presented the new big smart phone

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

On January, 6, Microsoft Corporation presented its new product Hewlett-Packard Co tablet computer. It was unveiled as a new invention although essentially it is a big smart phone which is being widely used.