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Dow Jones Industrial Average is in the midst of a scandal

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Index Dow Jones Industrial remains in the headlines for two weeks in a row. Drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average which was a record in the history of U.S. stock market will be the test supervisors. In the record collapse on Wall Street to blame for not only technical problems. Sixth of May 14.38 on the New York time index Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 360 points. And fell to 14.51 for another 900 points. For a few minutes a week of volatility in the U.S. stock markets turned into a nightmare, forcing Wall Street suffered dramatic fall day.


Dow Jones and new disasters

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Dow Jones has shown weakness … Now the index will be very difficult. On Thursday, the U.S. stock market lost a trillion dollars. The biggest intrigue of this fall is that nobody has yet been able to point out the reasons why automated tools to trade on the stock market decided to begin an immediate discharge of American stocks. The Senate, Congress, market regulators, the president – all waiting to punish perpetrators and develop means to prevent such disasters in future. But is it wrong program on which to blame the collapse?