Volcano in Iceland: the eruption will be more powerful

Ash cloud of volcano in Iceland will hold over Europe 4-5 days

In brief: The eruption may stop tomorrow, but may continue to disrupt the normal operation of air transport for a few weeks or even months - the experts said.

The power of the next eruption will be much more than previous eruption has had. Volcano in Iceland could paralize air travels to all corners of our planet. Activity of the volcano in Iceland is much stronger, the clouds of dust rise up to 8.5 kilometers high.

The employee of the University of Iceland Magnus Gudmundsson says, that wind has improved visibility in the area of ongoing eruptions, and experts are able for the first time in the last few days to assess the picture from the air.

Volcanic eruption in Southern Iceland began at night of April, 14. From the volcano cloud of ash and steam moved to the East and disrupted air traffic in Northern Europe, including Britain, Sweden and Finland.

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2010-04-17 14:45, Society.

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