Volcano in Iceland changed everything

Volcano in Iceland: eruption or seduction

In brief: Volcano in Iceland has become a scourge and a problem for hundreds of thousands of passenger flights worldwide.

Volcano in Iceland changed all the plans of ordinary passengers and VIP guests. They all are changing plans because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. For example, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel was unable to return home. Her plane was flying from the U.S. to Germany, but was forced to change its route from behind the clouds of volcanic ash. As a result, Merkel airline landed in Lisbon instead of the planned landing in Berlin.

The same problem faced the president of Portugal. He can not return home because of flight cancelle because of volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon canceled series of official visits to Russia, Croatia and Finland due to clouds of volcanic ash. In the course of business trip Foreign Minister was scheduled to visit Moscow, Zagreb and Helsinki in the second half of April, although the recent events, all planned activities were postponed indefinitely.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-17 17:02, Society.

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