Volcano in Iceland: new facts about eruption

Volcano in Iceland is more than active

In brief: Icelandic volcano continues to bear more and more problems to the Europeans, activity of volcano grows.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland holds in suspense the whole world, especially the problem concerned with the Europeans. Flights canceled, many airports are closed, there were problems with the satellite signal and communication. Volcano in Iceland became one of the greatest disasters in new century.

Due to the increasing activity of the volcano, scientists have warned of possible further violations in the global air communication. On the eve of canceled dozens of flights from Turkey, where hundreds of tourists trapped Russians. Local airlines have canceled flights to 14 European countries have closed their air space. No flights to major cities such as Amsterdam, London, Paris, Warsaw. Because of the volcano in Iceland, hundreds of Russians are stuck in Beijing.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-17 18:23, Society.

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