Volcano in Iceland continues to cause problems

Volcano in Iceland became the greatest problem for EU this year

In brief: Volcanic eruption in Iceland was one of the most serious problems for the population of our planet, as well as for the world's airlines.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland, which continues the fourth day, holds in suspense the population of Europe. Also due to natural disaster affected airlines. The plane, owned by Dutch company KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, made a test flight over the territory of the Netherlands, during which he flew through the cloud of ash, formed after the volcanic eruption in Iceland. It is reported that as a result of any damage to the aircraft has not received, transmits Associated Press.

Representatives of the airline claimed that the management now plans to organize another series of test flights, during which seven planes without passengers flew from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. Today, for the movement of passenger planes closed the airspace of most countries in Europe.

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2010-04-18 11:23, Society.

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