Volcano in Iceland: eruption continues, flights resumed

Volcanic eruption in Iceland is not so dangerous?

In brief: Representatives of the airline are outraged that the decision was based on only one source. Responsible for the safety of the German organization has its own data on the state of the atmosphere.

Air traffic over Europe can be partially restored on Monday. According to representatives of airlines, will be critical today the results of ongoing European airlines test flights. As we have gotten messages that test flights of German airline Lufthansa and Dutch Airlines “KLM” declared successful.

Recently it was reported on the successful test flight of the French airline Air France from Paris to Toulouse. Earlier A-340 took off from Munich and landed at Frankfurt Airport. Flying all sides (except one, which was released to a height of 8 thousand meters), occurred at an altitude of 3 thousand meters.

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2010-04-18 17:09, Society.

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