Volcanic eruption in Iceland: airplanes do not fly again

Volcano is much stronger, as we supposed

In brief: Meanwhile, the European Eurocontrol Air Agency notes that the eruption of a volcano in Iceland is becoming more intense, and it threatens to stretch the negative consequences of disaster in aviation for several months.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland has been a disaster for airlines. The volcano, located about 150 km from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, near the glacier Eyyafyallayekyul, began spewing lava on Mar. 20, 2010 April 14 there was a second eruption. Ukraine International Airlines, Aerosvit, “Dniproavia” and Wizz Air Ukraine will make individual decisions on each time you send an aircraft into the air, as we approach the time of departure.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland have a negative influence on the Ukrainian air force. The main international airport in the country – Lux – as well as other regional aviaploschadki, resumed its work only on Sunday. According to the Ministry of Transport, because of clouds moving from the ashes Simferopol’s'ka air zone was closed at 15:00 on April 17, Lviv – 00:00, Boryspil – with 3:00, Odessa air zone – 9:00 am, and Dnepropetrovsk – with 12:00.

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2010-04-18 23:10, Economics.

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