Volcano in Iceland: new waves of eruption

Volcano in Iceland is very popular

In brief: The consequences of bad weather in Europe feel, even those who like and not going anywhere to go. Mail is tardiness.

Iceland became the most popular country in the world! All the news just about Iceland and the volcano. The cause of all evils – Icelandic volcano – erupted with even greater force. Over the past three days, a column of ash rose up to nine kilometers. Visibility in the area of the eruption zero. Everything is covered with a layer of mud and volcanic dust.

While we do not see light at the end of the tunnel – so say the representatives of the airline industry about the situation of air travel in Europe. The huge cloud of ash and dust on Sunday night has covered the whole of Europe now, not just the north. 23 countries have closed their airspace. Every day, airlines in general are losing 200 million dollars. Scientists say volcanologists – Icelandic Volcano refuses to die down. Meteorologists also please can not – because of weak wind and high pressure cloud of volcanic dust will not soon dissipate, explains Professor Golding, head of the British national service weather forecast.

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2010-04-19 08:46, Society.

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