Volcano in Iceland prepared ashen hell for the United States

Volcano in Iceland choosed USA as a new victim

In brief: U.S. afraid of Icelandic volcanic ash settling.

United States, like many other countries, are in danger because of subsidence of Icelandic volcanic ash. A cloud of volcanic ash Icelandic volcano reached on Monday at 9 pm Moscow time the U.S. east coast. Warning about this extended Meteorological Service of Great Britain.

The sky above the UK closed to aviation operations from April 15. The embargo on the movement of air transport will last at least until 19:00 local time (22 hours Moscow time) on April 19. Major airlines have already conducted test flights in the airspace of Europe.

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2010-04-19 10:16, Society.

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  1. manny Says:

    People have been able to sit in their gardens enjoying the spring sunshine without the whine of jets passing overhead from early morning until late at night. The skies are peaceful and cleaner. Some people have reported hearing an unusual tweeting sound – but this comes from birds!

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