Volcano in Iceland: cloud of volcanic ash covered Far East of Russia

The cloud of volcanic ash has reached Yenisei river

In brief: The cloud of volcanic ash is gradually covering the Far East of Russia.

Khabarovsky meteorology center representative has announced that the cloud of volcanic ash, which was formed after the eruption of volcano in Iceland and is covering entire Europe, has already reached Yenisei river. Soon it will reach the Far East of Russia. Nevertheless, population is not endangered; Khabarovky airport will continue its work according to the normal schedule.

The representative has also explained that the pollution zone contains two main nidi. The first one is situated on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, the second one is extending in the Southern Siberia and Kazakhstan. It has been announced that these nidi would extend not earlier than April, 20-22, and the concentration of ash on this territory is promised to be a thousand times weaker than in Western Europe.

Olga Bespalova
2010-04-19 11:34, Society.

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