Volcano in Iceland showered Georgia with ash

Volcano in Iceland is becoming a serious problem for Georgia

In brief: Icelandic volcano - new problems for Georgia

Volcano in Iceland continues to create enormous problems of Europe. Today the United Transportation Authority of Georgia spread to all airlines and airports in the world a message, that at the Tbilisi airport, experiencing difficulty with the approach of a cloud of ash from the volcano in Iceland.

“Today is a cloud close to the borders of Georgia and even has covered the sky over Abkhazia. Therefore Unified Transportation Commission issued a message warning that in case of flight toward Georgia’s airlines and airports have contacted our service and learn avianavigatsionnoy forecast the movement of the masses contained in the cloud of volcanic dust, “- said Deputy Head of Integrated Transport Authority of Georgia, Kote Tevdoradze.

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2010-04-19 20:24, Society.

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