Volcano in Iceland: Europe restores air communication

More European countries open their airports

In brief: European countries are opening their airports on the trot.

This Monday the European Ministers of Transportation held a teleconference to discuss the situation with air communication. After the conference they announced they decision to gradually open European airspace, allowing millions of passengers to finally return home.

Today Belgium, Scotland, Switzerland and the Netherlands opened their airports. The flights are also partially renewed in Italy, Amsterdam and Russia. Air France announced that all of the company’s flights will be carried out today.

Though some countries decided that it is necessary to delay the renewal of the flights due to another cloud of volcanic ash NATS announced about. Great Britain and Finland are among those countries.

The air communication in Europe has been paralyzed for five days because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Cloud of volcanic ash covered European countries, making flights unable because of the volcanic dust from the cloud which was considered to be dangerous for airplanes’ engines.

Olga Bespalova
2010-04-20 09:29, Society.

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