GM jettisons ballast

General Motors takes an initiative

In brief: The company seriously decided to restore its auto industry

According to the deal of trading Saab Automobile AB brand of Sweden company Koenigsegg Group the General Motors producer is going to close 81 representation of Saab in the USA.

The rest 137 representations will continue their activity in the union of Saab Cars North America company belonging to Sweden Koenigsegg Group. Such information is presented by Associated Press linking to the GM representatives.

In August, 2009, GM concluded a treaty about trading of Saab brand to the group of investors with Sweden Koenigsegg Group AB as a main company. The Group also includes Norwegian investor Bard Ecker and American businessman Oggi Fabela (the ex-head of the Russian telecommunicative operator “Vympelkom”).

Saab is a large European automobile-producing concern that realizes its activity in several countries of the world. The number of employees is up to 13.7 thousand of people. It is known that Koenigsegg Group specializes on producing exclusive sport cars.

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2009-11-16 11:02, Economics.

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