Volcano in Iceland: show must go on

Volcano in Iceland - what next

In brief: Just another volcano in Iceland may erupt in several days.

Volcanoes in Iceland are very and very dangerous. Volcanologists warned: despite the unceasing ardor of the volcano with the most severe in the world title, he may wake up next, more powerful volcano Katla. It has been several times.

Moreover, according to some Western media, with links to the Icelandic Meteorological Service scientists and Iceland, the last few days of volcanic tremors in the area Cuttle intensified. Katla is some 12 km from the raging volcano.

Arthur Saltykov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, Institute of Physics of the Earth Sciences, explains: “Here is what it is. Part of the volcano, located nearby, have a common channel at a depth of – where, in fact, formed by magmatic melt.

This melt can sit in the ground hundreds of years, until the very moment when the pressure has dropped. Only then the magma breaks out. Here one can draw an analogy with a bottle of champagne: removed the cork-liquid jerked upwards. In the case where the volcanoes have a common channel, they actually interact with each other, like communicating vessels.

He is bigger and more powerful neighbor. From the tenth century, Katla erupted in major 14 times. In 1612 and 1821 it happened shortly after Eyyafyatlayokudlya.

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2010-04-22 21:49, Society.

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