Volcano in Iceland promises Europe a new huge cloud of ash

Volcano in Iceland may close with ashes the whole sky in Europe.

In brief: Volcano in Iceland is still a great problem for the whole world.

Volcano in Iceland, promises new challenges… Flights in Europe, has fully recovered on Thursday after a volcanic eruption in Iceland, may be disrupted again on Friday. According to the forecast British meteorologists, a cloud of volcanic dust again chart ranks the European continent on Friday.

According to British meteorologists to 9:00 am Kyiv time on Friday, the cloud may occur over the northern part of Germany, to “cover” part of Denmark and Sweden and a narrow band across Poland “reach out” to Eastern Europe.

Now in Europe:

Norway – the country’s authorities on Thursday fully opened the country’s airspace.

Scotland – the restrictions imposed on flights to the north.

Ireland – the airspace is open. Flights between Ireland and Britain to resume in full by 08:00 Moscow time on Friday.

Russia – All airports are open, Aeroflot flies to the U.S. through the Arctic.

Finland – Thursday opened the main airport in Helsinki flights will be made until Friday night.

France – the airspace is open, air service is restored, the country’s main airport Roissy, Roissy started working normally.

Sweden – in the south of the country’s restrictions on flights, flying at high altitude are allowed over the entire country; airline SAS said on Thursday that plans to renew 75% of its flights and fully resume flights on Friday.

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2010-04-22 23:36, Society.

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