Volcano in Iceland: Katla awakes

New eruption of volcano in Iceland

In brief: New disaster in Iceland - eruption of Katla starts.

Another volcano is awaking in Iceland. New Volcano in Iceland woke up and ready to erupt. Icelandic scientists have concluded that an active volcano can trigger another eruption, dormant for now, the Icelandic volcano Katla. The new eruption is ten times stronger.

If that happens, it will force the eruption of Katla is 10 times stronger than the volcano Eyyafyallayekyul. The atmosphere then receive a much greater volume of volcanic ash compared with the current situation. These two mountains are located about 20 km from each other in the south of Iceland, and there is the assumption that they communicate with each other magmatic conduit.

While the volcano Katla is not active, its last major eruption took place in 1955, and he usually wakes up once in 80 years. But now the situation is extraordinary, resulting in residents of a village at the foot of Katla, began to prepare for the evacuation of “just in case”.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-24 11:22, Society.

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