Volcanoes in Iceland are preparing a new cloud of ash for Europe

Volcanoes in Iceland once again preparing ash clouds for the Europeans.

In brief: Volcanoes in Iceland have a new headache for Europe.

Icelandic volcanic eruption re-creates a new transport problem for many countries in Europe. British meteorologists reported that a second cloud of volcanic dust headed towards Europe and may soon appear over northern Germany, on the part of Denmark and Sweden. Cloud will be a narrow strip of territory in Poland and make it to Eastern Europe.

On the eve of the airline is fully restored their message, but the concentration of ash in the air over Europe once again began to grow. Yesterday, the airports were closed again in Norway, in the north of Scotland, part of the airports in Finland. London Heathrow Airport is still working, but the British Air Force training mission “Typhoon” was stopped due to detection of ash in the engines.

The other problem – volcano Katla is ready to erupt.

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2010-04-24 11:28, Society.

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