The volcano in Iceland: what will happen next?

Volcanic eruptions in Iceland can last a year.

In brief: Volcanoes in Iceland will continue eruption

Previous large-scale eruption of the volcano in Iceland, which happened in 1821, lasted a whole year. But it was different. Therefore, it is impossible to forecast. Some say that the cloud will disappear within a day or two a week, but it all depends on the wind. Current – explosive eruption, that is accompanied by explosions. When Explosive energy disappears, then the magma can rise above and pour without explosions. For Iceland this is typical. But there is a glacier, but it quickly melts. In Iceland, waiting for floods.

- Scientists have told us that, after analyzing the state of the volcano over the past 800 years, they came to the conclusion that he will not rest in the next 60 years. Is that true?

- Not sure. Anything can happen. While all the big explosions accompanied by the eruption rapidly ended. Take the explosion of Vesuvius in 79 th year, when for one day under the pumice tuff was all Pompey. Similar short bursts were at Krakatoa in 1873. The explosion – and everything quiet. Of course there were a tsunami, the ashes, but this one-time phenomenon. At the volcano Tambora in Indonesia, too, was the eruption of explosions. And they usually do not last long. But how many “long”, I repeat, we do not know.

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2010-04-24 19:44, Society.

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