Tymoshenko began a civil war in Ukraine

Tymoshenko prepares a nationwide upheaval in Ukraine.

In brief: Civil war in Ukraine by Tymoshenko's version will begin in the coming Tuesday and it is ready for everything for the sake of overthrowing the current government.

Yulia Tymoshenko believes that all methods and means are to achieve the goal … A goal by Yuliya Tymoshenko, one – to overthrow the current government and to change the course of development, otherwise Pakistan will be on his knees in front of Russia in the coming months. The question – Is Julia to go to extreme measures, such as a military solution or a popular uprising – Tymoshenko replied evasively, but rather an affirmative…

If needed, the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and other opposition forces will withdraw to the streets and overthrow the dictatorship of the new government, but, according to Yulia Tymoshenko, will not use them, the power will surrender herself. In addition, former prime minister, Tymoshenko called on their supporters to overthrow the government and re-election, this time, a Democrat. With this treatment the BYuT leader spoke today during a protest near the Parliament against the policies of President Viktor Yanukovych.

“This government, headed by Viktor Yanukovych as quickly as possible should be overthrown. The sooner it is tripped, the less she will cause harm to your own country, the international reputation of Ukraine, the souls of our countrymen “- loudly and confidently shouted Tymoshenko.

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2010-04-24 20:10, Society.

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8 comments к “Tymoshenko began a civil war in Ukraine”

  1. Me Says:

    She is mor and more funny. Nobody wants a civil war to let her taking more money for her own pocket. She has nothing similar with Jeanne d’Arc ! It is more a ukrainian bulldog.

  2. Tom Hrynkiw Says:

    I wish her and all ukrainians all the best seems like no one ever wants this nation to succeed

  3. Hryhoriy Says:

    One sniper, one shot, one kill…reportedly, that is what will occur to the new administration in Ukraine. Otherwise, much like in Chechnya, there will be more than one katzap to eradicate. Smert mockalyam. Guaranteed.

  4. think Says:

    “The prolongation of the Black Sea Fleet’s presence in Sevastopol is essential to Russia,” … Says V. Yanukovych, the President of…..Ukraine!
    Where can you find another president who would work this hard, stomp over Constitution and every Law of his country to deliver quickly ANYTHING that ANOTHER country desires? If it’s not a treason, what is it?

  5. cd Says:

    Timshenko is running to the front of the parade and pretending to lead it. A nice distraction, but a distraction nonetheless.

    Truth is the reasons for eastern and western Ukrainians to stay together in one state have been diminishing and are nearly gone. Yanukovich can be crude or sophisticated, stupid or clever, ruthless or accommodating- it doesn’t really matter at this point. The rope holding the two sides together has frayed away to a few strands. It will break soon enough. After that Russia gets a new province and NATO a future member.

  6. Djad Says:

    That type on incendiary rhethoric is precisely why Yuilia lost the election. Support for that attitude is fading even in her traditional western strongholds. Eventually people come to a realization that we need to look beyond the drivel spouted by extremists and work together. There’s already evidence of that sentiment growing in the last election with strong support shown for Tigipko. Over time it is only going to get stronger as more and more people realize the lies they have been fed for so long.

  7. daria Says:

    Why is a site which calls itself “Ukrainian Golobalist” use the

    Russian language on its web page. The official language of

    Ukraine is Ukrainian. (Duh) Why are you not using the Ukrainian

    alphabet and Ukrainian words? Perhaps you should call yourself

    the “Pro-Russian Ukrainian Globalist?”

  8. admin Says:

    Daria, first of all I want to point out, that there is no obligation to write in obsolete ukrainian language and consider ourselfs ‘Ukrainian Globalist’. The name is not so pretty, but dictated by fact that the name ‘Globalist’ can be confused with ‘The Globalist’ – well-known media.

    You know, in a less romantic real world, the question of language is purely the question of money. Ukranian-only-reading community is very small, and our experiment in translating ukranian-language news was totally a failure and was abandoned several month ago. Overall, russian language in ukranian media is 8-12 times more readable than ukranian [google for it]. And speaking sincerely, we do not want to invest our money and everyday time in obsolete projects. Any media is only a mirror of its viewers habbits.

    And yet another point. Have you noticed, that we are globalists most of all, and only after that russians, ukrainians, fins, poles etc.? Globalists chose a common language to speak – it is russian [on a exUSSR space] and english [overall]. No space for little funny khatkas and cherry gardens in the global world.

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